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Anaglyph 3D Glasses

Making your own 3D glasses at home is an easy and enjoyable DIY activity that allows you to experience the 3D effect while watching anaglyph 3D movies or looking at anaglyph 3D images. This activity is both fun and educational, and can be done with kids. Moreover, personalizing the glasses adds a unique touch.

How Anaglyph 3D glasses work :

Anaglyph glasses are a special type of glasses that are used to see pictures and movies in 3D! They have two lenses - one is red and the other is blue or green.

When you look through the red lens, it only lets red light pass through. When you look through the blue or green lens, it only lets blue or green light pass through.

So, when you wear anaglyph glasses and look at a 3D picture or movie, your brain combines the two images from each lens to create a single 3D image. This is because the colors need to be complementary to create the 3D effect.

Materials :

Cardboard or cardstock, transparent film or cellophane paper(blue and red) , blue and red permanent markers, scissors, and tape/glue.


  1. Print and cut out the template for 3D glasses given below .
  2. Trace the images onto the cardstock and cut them out.
  3. Carefully cut out the eye holes.
  4. Cut out the red cellophane and blue cellophane paper .
  5. Or if you don't have cellophane paper then cut out two circular lenses from the transparent plastic sheets , making sure they are slightly larger than the lens holes.
  6. Use permanent markers to color one side of each lens, not just the edges with red on one and blue on the other. Smudge the colors together with your finger to fill in the entire outline and avoid leaving any clear spots.
  7. Glue or tape the lenses on the eye holes of the glass frame, ensuring that the red lens is on the left and the blue lens is on the right. Avoid taping over the lenses themselves, or the image may appear fuzzy.

     7. Fold the tabs along the dotted lines to create the glasses frames and seal them together with tape.

       8. Tape the center piece with ear-pieces. 

       9. Decorate the glasses using materials like stickers, colored pens, or glitters to make them unique.

You can also cut the outer shape of the glasses in different designs or shapes. Once the glasses are assembled, you can use them to watch 3D anaglyph movies or look at 3D anaglyph images.


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