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Benefits of STEM toys for kids

The benefit of STEM Toys

Education for kids is evolving at a breakneck speed. The advent of technology and behavioral science has acted as a catalyst for this evolution. One of the core elements of this evolution is the surfacing of STEM toys. 

Being an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, STEM is now a mainstream approach to education. 

The marriage of education and the toy industry has resulted in the emergence of STEM toys. 

Remember the good old rolling the dice game? 

As kids, we not only played the game for fun but learned counting and addition alongside.

Was there any intended learning? No. However, this is a classic example of learning while having fun. 

The same goes with a more contemporary Angry Birds. In which angle should the bird fly? How far behind should I pull the slingshot?

The angle of ascent and descent, velocity and force — learned by kids unknowingly, yet with a big smile.

Play is the highest form of research

                            — Albert Einstein

STEM toys leverage this facet of collaborative education. Now, let us learn the benefits of STEM toys.

  • Improve cognitive abilities

A kid’s cognitive ability is enriched while solving puzzles and playing games. Children learn to remember tiny things like the solved picture of a jigsaw puzzle. 

With a better memory, the attention span of the child improves. Helping a child learn these abilities with formal education is tough. But, STEM toys bring experiential learning to the fore.

Some STEM toys like Lego help the children to recognize and interpret patterns. These help a lot when numbers and alphabets are taught.

One vital cognitive ability that is developed using STEM toys is the ability to define problems. When a child can perceive problems, finding the solution is simple. Defining the problem eases the learning process and provides a window for creativity.

  • Encourages creative thinking

STEM toys provide multiple avenues for kids to think creatively. This not only breeds creative thinking but also nurtures observation skills.

Only when a child observes, he/she can think creatively. And observation is multiskilled. It involves patience, memory, and more importantly — self-awareness.

Creative thinking cannot be taught to anyone, but it can be nurtured. And STEM toys catapult this process. With regular exposure to such toys, creativity furthers into problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

From simple coloring books to fun circuits like these, creative thinking is brought to the fore by STEM toys.

  • Problem-solving turns fun

Have you ever seen a child sitting in front of a DIY kit?

The hundreds of tiny parts seem like a mountain, but only for a little while. As the parts begin to find a shape, the tiny parts are no more a mountain but literally, a child’s play.

With eyes of curiosity in action, the child tries to solve the kit. Yes, he/she might fail a couple of times, but giving up is rarely an option for a curious kid. 

And by the time the kit is solved, it has invoked problem-solving skills in the kid. 

The best thing about such STEM toys is how the process of learning is disguised. The kid is never pressurized to learn but learns with a zeal to solve problems. 

And in today’s world, soft skills like problem-solving are in demand. So, invest in STEM toys and let your kid reap the compounded rewards.

  • Boosts spatial and motor skills 

Not all problems can be solved using books and boards. So, what next? 

We visualize the problem and work towards solving it. 

Spatial skills are key to several real-life works. Pictionary, chess, DIY kits, electronic circuits are all toys that can boost a kid’s spatial skills.

Also, several STEM toys are designed to get children physically involved. To build a structure, the child needs to move around, pick up tiny components amongst other movements. These enhance the motor skills of the child.

With both tangible and intangible growth, STEM toys contribute to the overall growth of the child. 


These benefits, coupled with the elements of fun — STEM toys are the ideal companions for your child. With no extra pressure, kids develop much-needed skills.

Don’t know where to start? Here is a fun circuit designed by Playautoma keeping your child in mind. 

Also remember, these STEM toys help a lot while your child starts formal schooling. So, consider these toys as an investment and start investing.


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