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DIY Origami Chair

Can you solve this riddle?
This thing has a back and legs
But doesn’t have any hair
It’s something on which you sit
Which means that it’s a _______!?

This is a story about the chair and how we can make mini versions of it at home. As an essential piece of furniture, chairs have possibly been invented  a millennia ago and serves as an essential utility since it’s related to one of the most important activities of our day to day lives: Sitting.

Chairs have evolved in material and form. 

Some are made of bamboo,

Some of wood

Some are cushiony 

And some swivel around.

Chairs with different heights, styles whether big or small can tell us about symmetry and construction. These are majorly made for humans only, But what if we make one for dolls?

Let's make chair:

  1. Take a 6x6 inch origami sheet. Fold it into half and crease it well.
  2. Let's make a gateway. Fold two sides equally in a way that it joins in the middle. Crease them well and open it.
  3. Now we have four equal parts of the paper. Cut off one part carefully.
  4. Fold the paper in half and vertically. 
  5. Now make two symmetrical dog ears! Fold the top right corner of the paper to touch the creased line. Repeat the same on the left side. 
  6. Now, let’s make a 2D house. Starting with the right corner, unfold the crease you just made, open it slightly and then squash it down to form a triangle. 
  7. There should now be a center overlapping flap.
  8. Fold this central flap to meet the top edge.
  9. Fold the right side to the left and crease it well then unfold. Repeat this for the left side.
  10. Unfold the central flap half way. Tape or glue it to the surroundings. And That’s it!

Make more of such chairs to place in your doll houses.

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