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Playautoma Circuit Max_STEM educational toys for kids
Playautoma Circuit Max_components
Playautoma Circuit Max_STEM components
Circuit Max
Circuit Max
Circuit Max

Circuit Max

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Product Description

Explore Electronics by creating advanced fun Circuits. Safe for Children and easy to connect. Create 25+ fun experiments Circuits with Circuit Max. use electrical and electronic components like LEDs, buzzers, motors, transistors, capacitors to get hands-on experience on the circuits and enhance the knowledge by experimenting through it. 

What’s in the box!

  • A circuit board 
  • Electronic components such as wires, LEDs, buzzers, motors, transistors, and resistors
  • Easy to understand, clear instruction booklet 

How Kids Benefit

  • Helps build strong fundamentals with a practical approach.
  • Gives them the freedom to experiment and learn. 
  • Generates Curiosity with live outcomes.
  • All-round STEM growth for kids.
No extra tools & soldering required, 2 AA batteries required (not included).