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Inventor Box

Inventor Box

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Product Description

When did the Universe begin? How did we tell the time before watches? With this Science Subscription Box, take the role of an astronaut, discover the layers of Earth, witness the growth of plants, and much more. Each month, the box offers projects that are fun and age-appropriate for the children.

What's Included

Box 1:

Digital gadgets can take a break because we’re going to space! Zoom past amazing Constellations wearing your Space Helmet. Learn how the Sun is connected to watches and Time. Become Li’l Clocksmiths by building your own Time Keeping Machines with a Sundial

Box 2:

Unbox your own elaborate Lab! Create and name layers of the Planet Earth to search for fossils and dinosaurs, and cite countries around the world with your very own Mini Globe!


Box 3:

Have you ever wondered what plants eat? What direction should you look to experience sunsets and sunrises? Watch plants grow, dye your flower different colors and make your own Magnetic Compass with more exciting simple science experiments in this box.